Oil Spill Detection and Monitoring

Detect and contain oil leaks and spills with the Slick Sleuth oil spill monitoring system from InterOcean. Mitigate risk, reduce costs associated with potential spills, and protect the environment.

Slick Sleuth Marine Terminal Pier

Slick Sleuth is a sensor and alarm system used to remotely alert users to the presence or accumulation of oil as an early warning device. The sensor technology is an optical, non-contact, oil-on-water detection system designed for the soonest possible response and containment in a wide variety of applications, including inland waterways, industrial plants, coastal and offshore.

Our spill monitoring technology is designed and fabricated for deployment in rugged industrial and marine environments. The goal is to detect hydrocarbon sheen or slicks on water (or on ground/dry surfaces) to prevent oil spills in marine, industrial, and freshwater environments. In addition to real-time alerts, the detector’s outputs are commonly used to actuate valves, pumps, and skimmers, enabling automated containment in remote locations for 24/7/365 protection.

Slick Sleuth oil spill detector

Slick Sleuth

We provide a range of sensor models suited to specific applications and requirements for oil spill and leak detection.

  • SS100-LED & SS100EXd-LED - updated model of SS100 used in tank farms and industrial sites
  • SS100 & SS100 EXd - used in tank farms and industrial sites
  • SS300 & SS300 EXd - used in refineries and power plants
  • SS320 & SS320 EXd - used at marine terminals
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Rig Guard

This ruggedized early detection system was created for use on offshore platforms and rigs operated by oil companies.

  • Provides continuous, remote, real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Fully integrated system that includes remote sensing, wireless communication, and cameras
  • Available for supply, lease, or as a service
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Slick Sleuth Offshore Slick Guard Buoy

Slick Guard

Our high-tech buoy is specifically designed to monitor pollution and protect the environment.

  • Used at desalination plants, fish farms, and environmentally sensitive habitats
  • Fully integrated system includes buoy, oil pollution sensor, autonomous power, and wireless communications
  • Additional instrumentation and sensors can be added to the floating platform
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Slick Sleuth SmartBoom

Boom Guard

This “Smart Boom” technology delivers essential real-time monitoring of potential oil spills.

  • Integral connectors link buoy to standard containment booms
  • Real-time alerts and reports for oil spill detection and response in addition to geo-fencing and orientation
  • Boom deployments include remote offshore and coastal locations, terminal and piers, and fuel storage and production facilities
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