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Detect oil spills and prevent pollution leaks and discharges at terminals, refineries, power plants, manufacturing facilities, ports, harbors and more with industrial solutions from InterOcean Systems

Designed for rugged industrial settings, InterOcean’s oil spill monitoring tools provide you with real-time detection alerts that can be tied to automated shutdown of valves, pumps, and skimmers to prevent leaks and potentially significant and costly releases of oil. Industries such as refineries, terminals, power plants, heavy industry, ports, and desalination plants trust our oil slick monitoring devices to protect their operation’s interests and keep the environment safe.

Guard your operations, and the environment, with proven Slick Sleuth oil spill monitoring and detection systems

Oil Spill Monitoring

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Slick Sleuth SS100 Marine Terminal Canaveral

Marine Terminals

  • Application: Monitoring and detection of oil leaks, drips and potential spills at marine (cruise ship) terminal in Florida USA.
  • Description: Model SS100s strategically placed to check (alarm) for presence of oil. Accidental releases can occur during fuel transfer, or due to failures related to processes or equipment failures associated with tank storage, pipelines, couplings, etc. SS100 oil detectors are highly sensitive to diesel, fuel oil, and other types of hydraulic/machine oil sheens and slicks, on water or wet/dry substrate
Slick Sleuth SS100 Real-time detection


  • Application: Mid-stream / tank farms / terminals. Real-time detection and alert for leaks and spills at tanker-truck loading/unloading bays, wet-pits and sumps, and secondary containments associated with above ground storage tanks
  • Description: Arrays of SS100 oil detectors are strategically deployed for early-warning detection, alert, and automated containment throughout tank farms and terminals. Used for detection of a wide array of oil types, with industrial data/alarm outputs networked into facilities' DCS and SCADA-type tystems
Slick Sleuth SS300 Autonomous Detection Station


  • Application: Detect, alert and auto-contain all types of hydrocarbons, which could potentially leak or spill within a refinery
  • Description: The model SS300 pictured here provides alarm output to refinery's’ DCS / SCADA system for real-time status, data and alerts. Numerous Slick Sleuth models and system options are available for use thorughout refineries such as this, including equipment certified for Zone 1 EXd / flameproof applications
Slick Sleuth SS300 EXd

Tank Farms

  • Application: Monitoring for leaks and spills in secondary containments, and/or wet pits and drainages associated with above ground storage tank facilities. Automated detection of leaked or spilled product on water (sheens/slicks) and on dry ground.
  • Description: Slick Sleuth model SS300EXd, Certified for for Zone 1 / Class 1 Div 1 installation. Industrial outputs (dry contact relays and 4-20 analog signal) interface with the local Distributed Control System (DCS) as well as the Central Control Room (CCR) at operator’s HQ.

Floating Roof Tanks - ASTs

  • Application: Prevention and 100% containment of leaks and spills from aboveground floating-roof tank drains
  • Description: “Enviroeye” is a third-party integrated system, developed by a tank farm owner/operator. The system is designed around InterOcean’s Slick Sleuth model SS100EXd oil detector, coupled with a purpose-built flow chamber, automated valves, control logic and options for remote alerts. External floating roof tank drain-lines periodically leak or fail, and this fully automated 24/7 system ensures that no product is spilled, so it never reaches the environment - thus eliminating a major risk, as well as providing cost benefits by improving operational efiiciency and allowing operators to leave their trank drain valves open at all times!
Slick Sleuth Slick Guard

Desalination Plants

  • Application: Monitoring for presence of floating oil at or near Desalination plant intakes
  • Description: InterOcean’s Slick Guard is an integrated system consisting of Slick Sleuth spill detector, self-contained solar/batter power, wireless data/alerts and a purpose designed ‘catamaran’ (dual-hulled) buoyancy platform. These buoy systems are single-point moored to guard desal plants’ intake channels and coastal/offshore intake pipes to ensure oil is not ingested by the plant, offering significant cost-benefit to end users.

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