Industry Solutions

InterOcean can help you come up with the solution that addresses your specific needs.

For over 70 years, InterOcean Systems has engineered solutions for a wide array of industry-specific applications around the globe. We have provided highly sophisticated mooring release systems, cable handling systems, pollution spill monitoring systems, and specialized engineering services and fabrication. Our capabilities are designed to meet the needs of any project and to help customers progress from design to implementation.

Moored Warship


InterOcean Systems has worked with military defense departments and contractors to design and fabricate customized cable handling systems, for shipboard and undersea applications.

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Slick Sleuth oil detection systems provide real time detection of oil leaks and spills on both calm and moving water, as well as dry surfaces.

Environmental Solutions


Industrial sites benefit from Slick Sleuth by guarding against the risk of oil leaks or spills from reaching the environment. Significant value is derived from real-time awareness, detection, automated containment, and early response.

Industrial Solutions


No matter what your offshore mooring project needs, we have a solution. We offer offshore platform mooring and release mechanisms, our patented Rig Guard system, and specialized engineering services.

Offshore Solutions

Marine Science

We have experience with universities and other research agencies across the world in creating specialized winch systems, oil spill monitoring, water sampling, and more.

Marine Science Solutions

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