Winches & Cable Handling

InterOcean winches and cable handling systems are used for a variety of applications, including defense, marine science, and offshore industries. Our winches are renowned for their durability and high reliability in challenging marine environments.

Cable Handling System

InterOcean Systems designs and manufactures a variety of standard and specialized winches and cable handling systems for deployment and recovery of critical sensors and equipment in the offshore environment. Our winches fill many needs from portable light-duty small boat operations to heavy-duty deepwater marine applications.

Product and services offered for winch and cable handling systems:

Standard Winches

InterOcean's selection of standard winch designs offer proven solutions refined over decades of evolution. From lightweight and portable to heavy-duty deepwater winches for marine applications. These standard winch designs can be supplied with a variety of features and options to meet the customers needs.

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Customized Winch Design

Customized Winch Design

For unique winch and cable handling applications that may require a special approach, InterOcean has decades of custom winch engineering and design experience with many examples to inspire. From aerial tether management to underwater-based systems, man-rated systems, or meeting special qualification requirements, let us help guide you through the design and selection process.

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Standard or instrumented sheaves offer solutions for cable overboarding monitoring and control applications. Typically offered in sizes ranging from 12 to 48 inches with various working loads and instrumentation options including deployed cable length, speed, and tension monitoring, display and feedback for adaptive control.

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