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InterOcean winches and cable handling systems are used for a variety of applications, including defense, marine science, and offshore industries. Our winches are renowned for their durability and high reliability in challenging marine environments.

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Cable Handling System

InterOcean Systems designs and manufactures a variety of standard and specialized winches and cable handling systems for deployment and recovery of critical sensors and equipment in the offshore environment. Our winches fill many needs from portable light-duty small boat operations to heavy-duty deepwater marine applications.

Product and services offered for winch and cable handling systems:


New! InterOcean Systems 488-ACW Autonomous Compact Winch

Next-gen winch designed for autonomous Uncrewed Surface Vessels and Underwater Vehicles (USVs/UUVs)

A powerful compact winch designed for remote real-time control. Mission adaptable for light  hydrographic and geophysical payloads (sidescan, CTD, water sampling) and subsurface applications for defense, science and subsea operations requiring failsafe remote winch capabilities (mooring, acoustic packages, etc.). Subsea versions available rated up to 6000m.

• Real-time interface protocols & local control
• Patented winch design
• Compact, lightweight, small footprint
• Gearmotor enclosed within winch drum
• Best in class strength-to-weight ratio
• Levelwind standard, slipring optional
• Modular bolt-together design
• Scalable, portable, configurable for varied applications
• Drive Control housed in marine enclosure or supplied as back-panel only for vessel integration

Download the 488-ACW Winch Datasheet

Keyport Winch

Standard Winches

InterOcean's selection of winch designs is anything but standard. InterOcean winches offer proven solutions refined over decades of experience, design, delivery, and support, worldwide, and through decades of performance. From lightweight and portable to heavy-duty winches for marine applications, our base winch designs can be customized with a variety of features and options to meet customers’ specific application needs and demanding operational requirements. All InterOcean Systems winches are designed and fabricated at our facility in San Diego, CA. Contact an InterOcean Sales Engineer today, or please submit define/submit your needs using our unique Interactive Winch Configurator tool, or Winch Worksheet tool.

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WHOI Patented Compact Winch

New from InterOcean Systems! Modern design, powerful and compact. Winches have looked and worked the same for decades. Their design followed function and nothing more. Moving winch design forward was no easy task. A fresh take which incorporates modern features, control systems, datalogging and a sleek design have moved the market forward by decades. Find out more about this new design. Contact us for customization options and to create a proposal for your next winch.

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Customized Winch Design

Customized Winch Design

For unique winch and cable handling applications that may require a particular approach, InterOcean has decades of custom winch engineering and design experience with many examples to inspire and inform each unique vessel plan and each set of application requirements. Whether you need aerial tether management, subsea systems, marine science/trawl core, autonomous surface vessel, man-rated system, or a special set of qualification requirements, let us help guide you through the design and selection process for a robust and purpose-built system.

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VPS Winch

Subsea Underwater Winches

InterOcean Systems has a long and successful history designing and manufacturing underwater subsea winch systems. InterOcean Systems is small and flexible enough to produce high-quality, highly customized solutions to your unique and challenging subsurface applications, without the long lead times and headaches of dealing with larger companies.

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bull wheel tensioner

Winch Spooling and Maintenance Services

InterOcean Systems doesn’t only design and build winches, we also perform winch maintenance services such as spooling services and cable lubrication.

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Standard or instrumented sheaves offer solutions for cable overboarding monitoring and control applications. Typically offered in sizes ranging from 12 to 48 inches with various working loads and instrumentation options including deployed cable length, speed, and tension monitoring, display and feedback for adaptive control.

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