Boom Guard Monitoring Buoy

Boom Guard is one of InterOcean’s latest innovations, developed in direct response to industry requests for “smarter” boom technology in the aftermath of the disastrous Macondo spill in Gulf of Mexico.  The boom monitoring buoy uses proven Slick Sleuth oil pollution detector to monitor for the presence of oil  within the boom containment area. If oil pollution is detected, the buoy transmits an alert via Iridium satellite in real time. The buoy also monitors and reports its location and heading, and transmits real-time alerts should the buoy change orientation (drag anchor) or drift outside of a user-defined watch circle during a storm or due to unauthorized tampering with the boom.

  • Remote oil spill monitoring & alerts
  • Boom integrity / geo-fence monitoring & alerts
  • 24/7/365 awareness in all conditions
  • Reduces need for boats, aircraft and personnel to monitor offshore assets
  • For use offshore, nearshore, terminals, inland waterways – anywhere there’s value in remote real-time monitoring

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