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High Performance Cable Handling Systems

InterOcean Systems designs and manufactures a variety of standard and specialized platform mooring release systems and cable handling systems for Model 75030 Winchdeployment and recovery of critical sensors and equipment in the offshore environment. Our winches fill many needs from portable light-duty small boat operations to heavy-duty deepwater marine applications.

We offer many standard winch models for coastal, mid-water hydrographic, and deepwater oceanographic applications.  Our experienced application engineers can assist in modifying our standard models or developing a custom winch for your specialized application.

Having engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art winches for over forty years, InterOcean standard and custom winches have earned a reputation for long and useful lives. Using a conservative design process, comprehensive quality guidelines, and proven manufacturing techniques allow us to provide the most reliable, robust, and easy to maintain systems that give long-term value to our customers.

  • Electric and hydraulic drives
  • Multiple drum sizes to handle a variety of cable lengths and sizes
  • Full range of control options
  • Multiple braking options
  • Available low-noise instrument grade slip rings

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