Slick Sleuth – SS320 / SS320-EXd

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The Slick Sleuth SS320® is specifically designed for applications requiring extended range sensor-to-surface oil leak and spill detection. The SS320 has an effective detection range of up to 10 meters and is ideal for installation on piers, over underground discharge channels, manhole access shafts, deep sumps and pits, at oil transfer facilities, on offshore structures, and on other elevated installation points where extended oil detection range is required.

The SS320 can be easily mounted over water or dry surfaces. The non-contact sampling methodology eliminates maintenance associated with contaminants, aquatic growth, and fouling due to debris, ice, or oily residue. Oil detection sensors may be operated as stand-alone systems or as networked arrays for seamless integration to end user’s acquisition system.

  • Detection range up to 10 m above surface
  • Typically used for pier installation at marine terminals
  • SS320-EXd for hazardous gas areas that require Ex certification
  • 4-20 analog and alarm relay outputs for interface with PLCs and DCSs
  • Serial outputs and optional wireless connectivity
  • Powder-coated stainless housing with optical window and watertight fittings for added protection in marine environment

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