Slick Sleuth – SS300 / SS300-EXd

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The Slick Sleuth® SS300 is designed for deployment in rugged settings such as offshore, coasts, harbors, inland waterways, industrial spillways, over sumps and separators, retention ponds and other environments where oil spills are of concern. The Slick Sleuth SS300 is ideal for the detection of oil leaks and spills on fresh, brackish, or saltwater or over ground, concrete, and solid surfaces.

Easily installed 1–5 meters above the water (or dry surface), the SS300 has no contact with any potential contaminants. The non-contact technology eliminates problems such as aquatic and marine bio-fouling or problems associated with debris or other contaminants, assuring continuous operations and minimal maintenance.

  • Detection range up to 5 m above surface
  • Used for a wide variety of industrial and marine applications
  • SS300-EXd for hazardous gas areas that require Ex certification
  • 4-20 analog and alarm relay outputs for interface with industrial PLCs and facility DCSs
  • Serial outputs and optional wireless connectivity
  • Most popular and versatile system available in the market today

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