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Slick Sleuth – SS100 / SS100-EXd

Slick Sleuth SS100The Slick Sleuth® SS100 is designed for installation in aboveground storage tank (AST) facilities, oil terminals, equipment rooms, or anywhere early oil leak and spill detection is needed. Detects a broad range of oil types on water and on dry ground—including spills, slicks, and sheens in tank dikes, sumps, oily water separators, mixing/dispatch points, loading racks, and storm water drainage and discharge points.

Oil detection sensors can be used at single points or in a system array to continuously monitor for accidental leaks and spills.

  • Detection range up to 1 m above surface
  • Typically used in storage tank and terminal facilities
  • SS100-EXd for hazardous gas areas that require Ex certification
  • Enclosure rated for hazardous gas area installation
  • 4-20 analog and alarm relay outputs for interface with PLCs and facility DCSs
  • Serial outputs and optional wireless connectivity

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