Slick Sleuth SS100 & SS100-EXd Oil Detection & Alarm Data Sheet

Slick Sleuth SS100 & SS100-EXd Uses

Retention Pads & Drains
Retention Pads & Drains

Separators & Discharges
Separators & Discharges

Sumps, Wet Pits, Catchments
Sumps, Wet Pits, Catchments

Secondary Containments
Secondary Containments

Slick Sleuth model SS100 & SS100-EXd Oil and Fuel Detection Sensors are designed for installation in aboveground storage tank (AST) facilities, oil terminals, equipment rooms, or anywhere early-warning leak and spill detection is warranted. Oil detection sensors can be used at single points, or in a system array, to continuously monitor for accidental leaks and spills. In response to ever-increasing regulatory pressure and the need for environmental awareness, Slick Sleuth provides facilities/personnel with the ability to automatically detect spills, minimizing the risk (and cost!) of oil spill clean-up, mitigation, fines, and public relations nightmares.

A broad range of oil types are detected by Slick Sleuth, including crude, fuel, lube, transformer, compressor, diesel, jet, and others. Automated real-time detection triggers local alarms and/or interfaces directly to facilities’ monitoring and control systems (e.g., DCS, SCADA) for early-warning alert, containment, and response. The robust sensor package is designed for all-weather installation, and the Model SS100-EXd is fully EX-certified for use in hazardous gas environments. Installation and setup are simple, and the non-contact optical system requires minimal maintenance (equivalent to a surveillance camera). Payback occurs with a single-detection, making the system highly cost-effective while allowing operators and managers to sleep better at night.

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Models: Slick Sleuth SS100
P/N 4738568600-21
Slick Sleuth SS100 EXd
P/N 4738568600-20
Operation: Automated, Optical, Non-Contact Sensor
Continuous Monitoring for Presence of Oil
Patented Technology (UV Filter-Fluorimeter)
Detection of Crude, Fuel Oil, Diesel, Lube, Transformer and Many More (Contact Factory for Specific Oil Types)
Sensitivity: 1 +/- Micron Sheen
Detection Range: 1-Meter (Over Ground or Water) for Sheen-Level Sensitivity
Temperature: -10° to +60° C Operating (-25° C with Optional AC Heater)
-40° to +75° C Non-Operating
Enclosure: Cast Aluminum / Polyester Powder Coating
NEMA 4X / IP66 Watertight
Explosion Proof Instrument Housing (See Zone Ratings)
Certifications: CE Marked Marked
Conforms to US EPA Standards (EPA/530 / UST-90/009)
Zone Ratings: Model SS100 EXd only:
ATEX: II 2 G Ex db IIB+H2 T6 Gb IP66
IECEX: Ex db IIB+H2 T6 Gb IP66
Ports: Power In and Signal Out
Mounting: Mounting Boss for Surface or Pole Mounting
Dimensions: 6” x 6” x 11” / 16cm x 16cm x 28cm (DxWxH)
Weight: 10 lbs. / 4.5 kg
Input Power: 85-264v AC (50/60 Hz), 9-28v DC – Standard
UV Light Source: Xenon Flash – Focused Beam
Xenon Flash Life: 5 Years (Typical) at 2 Hz Sampling Rate – Field Replaceable
Signal Output: (1) Oil Detection Relay (SPST) – Normally Open
(2) Status Relay (SPST) – Normally Closed
(3) Current Loop 4-20 mA Analog (Status & Detection)
(4) Serial RS485
Web Portal: Password Accessed Web User Interface (WUI) – Optional
Initialization: Magnetic Switching to Automatically Set Operation Point
Local Interface: USB Interface for Set-up & Maintenance
Local Indicator: LED Indication of Status/Power
Patented By: InterOcean Systems, LLC
Warranty: 2-Years standard InterOcean Systems’ Factory Warranty

Storm Water / Cooling Water
Storm Water / Cooling Water

Tanks & Terminals / Dikes & Roof Drains
Tanks & Terminals / Dikes & Roof Drains

Marine Terminals / O&G / Industrial Sites
Marine Terminals / O&G / Industrial Sites