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Light-Duty Winches

Portable Manual, Electric, and Hydraulic Winches

Small portable and light-duty winches are particularly useful in small boats or areas with limited access. Typical applications include shallow water instrument or transducer deployments, small tow vehicles, and light-duty sampling where cable storage and retrieval is kept neat and compact.


Model 388Model 288 Light Duty Portable Winch
Light Duty, Portable
A portable electric winch that incorporates 12/24 VDC or 115/220 VAC electric motor with infinitely variable speed control, lightweight materials, and high quality construction for portability and long-term use on small boats.

The Model 388 is supplied with a mounting flange for optional slip ring assembly for use with real-time data cable. It also includes remote control and an optional boom for over-the-side operations.


Model 1673 Hydrographic Winch

Model 1673
Light to Medium Duty, Hydrographic
A proven multi-purpose hydrographic winch for CTD, side-scan sonar, and water sampling applications. Fully self-contained and incorporates an electric or hydraulic motor in the range of 1 hp to 10 hp with infinitely-variable joystick speed control, brake, level-wind, and optional slip-ring.

The Model 1673 is fabricated from lightweight aluminum allow using high-quality construction for portability and long-term use in the marine environment.

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