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diamon screw level wind

Precision Diamond Screw Cutting

Winch control display

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Right Angle Adaptive Level Wind

Right Angle Adaptive Level Wind

Integrated Cable Monitoring

Integrated Cable Monitoring

Level Wind

Many winch installations require some means of assistance to spool the cable evenly over the drum.  This is especially true where the distance  between the winch and the overboard sheave is relatively short or the winch drum is quite wide. Applications requiring high-speed retrieval of long cables also benefit from a level wind system.

InterOcean Systems manufactures an automatic, diamond screw level wind system fabricated from solid highly durable stainless steel. The diamond screw shaft rotates in sequence with the spooling drum at the appropriate speed to assure smooth and even spooling regardless of retrieval speed, line tension or distance from the overboard sheave. The diamond-screw level wind is the most reliable and effective automatic spooling technique available and most appropriate for remote environments. For special applications with multi-part variable-diameter cables, a more complex adaptive level wind system with electronic position sensing may be used.

Our winches can be equipped with as many as four braking mechanisms, which are operated under different conditions and act as backup in case of an emergency.

Dynamic Motor: All electric-drive winches are supplied with integrated dynamic braking systems designed to control the full rated load and absorb energy as the winch is slowed.

Hydraulic: All hydraulic winches have dynamic braking provided by a relief valve that absorbs the energy created by the motor when slowing the drum. The hydraulic relief valve also prevents loss of control of the load.

Fail-safe: The fail-safe brake is a spring-applied power-released safety brake that is automatically engaged any time the operator moves the control to the zero-speed or stop position, or in the event of power loss. This is an important safety feature that prevents uncontrolled conditions even during emergency situations.  The fail-safe brake is capable of containing the full rated load of the winch.

Manual: Although typically not required when other brake systems are installed, a manually operated friction band brake or disk brake may be provided as an additional safety feature for special applications.

Locking Pawl or Ratchet: Also known as dog stops, these brakes offer multiple positive lock points to mechanically secure the drum and provide additional support for towing applications.

Grooved Drum
Winch drums may be equipped with a specially designed grooved core to match the cable specifications. When combined with the diamond-screw level-wind, a properly grooved drum facilitates the perfect spooling, enhanced protection, and long-term care of cables.
Line Length, Speed, and Tension Display
The winch system offers optional instrumentation for accurate monitoring of cable conditions. Cable length and speed are precisely measured using rotations of the level wind sheave. Cable tension is derived by a load cell at the axle of the level wind sheave using a fixed geometry to prevent bias due to angular variation. Cable speed, payout length, and cable tension may be displayed on the operator’s local or remote control panel.

Remote Control
A single hand-held joystick control is typically used to operate the winch from any location. Alternately, local control and secondary control stations can be added to allow operation from multiple fixed locations. All functions of speed and directional control, brake, and optional cable display can be made available at either local or remote control panel.

Slip Rings
Low-noise instrument grade slip rings are available for trans-mission of real-time signal from customers deployed equipment package through the winch to surface electronics or laboratory connection. All slip rings are contained in sealed, water-proof housings and terminated in waterproof cable glands or connectors. Slip rings are available for any combination and number of power and signal conductors and fiber optic channels. Provisions can be made to supply the appropriate slip ring with the winch, or to include mounting for a customer-supplied slip ring.

Finish and Paint
Steel winches are finished with a multi-step marine painting system consisting of sand-blast, anti-corrosion zinc-based primer, high-strength epoxy-based paint, and a highly-durable polyurethane finish in the customer’s choice of color.  Winches constructed from marine grade aluminum alloy do not require any additional surface finish and are suitable for long-term direct use in marine environments without paint or other coating. As an option, marine grade aluminum winches may be finished by a multi-step painting process. All winches remain highly resistant to corrosion related to long-term operation in the marine environment.