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VPS – Vertical Profiling Systems

Modular VPS configured for 300M Underwater Observatory deployed. System includes InterOcean model VPS25-1 U/W Winch, S4VP3 MultiParameter Oceanographic Data Collection and Control System, and Subsurface Buoyancy Platform with optional telemetry. Autonomous VPS configuration includes satellite data telemetry and external DC power supply. Integral VPS configuration mates with user-specified power and fiber optic communications.

InterOcean VPS Brochure (1MB PDF)

InterOcean Underwater Winch Brochure (1MB PDF)

VPS Poster From Oceanology Intl. 2003 (1MB PDF)

SubSurface Buoy with Optional Telemetry control system
SubSurface Buoy with Optional Telemetry control system (AVPS)

S4VP-3 with Directional Wave, Current and CTD, plus 11 additional sensors
S4VP-3 with Directional Wave, Current and CTD, plus 11 additional sensors
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Vertical Profiling Winch Model VPS 25-1
Vertical Profiling Winch Model VPS 25-1. Ideal for VPS / Ocean Observatory System Integration.
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  • Long Term, Unattended, MultiParameter Profiling
  • User Specified Physical & Biochemical Sensors
  • Integrate w/ any Cabled Underwater Observatory
    or Deploy as Completely Autonomous, Standalone System
  • Coastal, Continental Shelf, and Deep Ocean Configurations

Background: InterOcean has successfully designed, manufactured, and integrated oceanographic equipment and instrumented systems for 55+ years. Notable product developments include the S4 Current Meter (which has evolved into a multiparameter oceanographic data acquisition system), a series of custom METOC/ODAS/Data Telemetry Buoys, and a complete line of Scientific Winches featuring varied capabilities and control options. InterOcean combines this unique range of sensor, winch and data telemetry/control design experience in producing our new Vertical Profiling Systems (VPS). There is presently a global push to implement a network of Ocean Observatories capable of providing comprehensive oceanographic and "coupled" data for both real-time monitoring and long-term studies. These new Vertical Profiling Systems provide the optimal system solution for reliable, remote, long-term acquisition of multiparameter data. InterOcean's VPS is a versatile, modular, multiparameter data acquisition system that may be plugged into any planned/existing ocean observatory, or be deployed as a stand alone autonomous VPS ocean observation station.

Overview: InterOcean's moored Vertical Profiling System (VPS) autonomously collects and telemeters high-resolution time-series vertical profile data, providing a complete spectrum of oceanographic data (physical, biochemical, optical) in real or near real-time. Sampling is continuous through the water column, with 5Hz profiling, 2Hz Directional Wave measurement, and on-board processing by InterOcean's S4VP-3 Data Acquisition System. With a VPS optimized for their specific requirements, investigators are able to monitor and profile the water column from any bottom depth for a year or more. Each VPS collects vertical profiles for the user's target depth range (i.e., from 200 meter depth to the surface) on a regular automated cycle, providing extensive time-series data sets for long term deployments (8 profiles/day yields over 3,000 profiles/year).

The two basic system configurations are Autonomous Vertical Profiling System (AVPS), and Integral Vertical Profiling System (IVPS). AVPS is a stand-alone system that is self-powered and telemeters data sets in near real-time. IVPS is designed for modular integration with any underwater observatory, and is built to be compatible with customer's network data and power I/O. Both configurations include a robust S4VP-3 oceanographic instrument with a standard measurement suite of current speed and direction, directional wave, temperature, depth and conductivity, as well as channels for 11 additional sensors. VPS consists of four major subsystems: (1) S4VP-3 sensor platform, (2) subsurface buoy with system controller, (3) winch system, and (4) bottom-mounting system. Each VPS cycles through four basic operating modes; Sleep Mode, Profiling Mode, Wave Data Mode, and Retract Mode, while the AVPS offers a fifth Surface/Telemetry

  • Core Sensor Suite: CTD, Directional Wave, Currents
  • ROV Intervention (Underwater Mateable)
  • Adaptable for Any Depth or Deployment Environment
  • Compatible w/any Communication/Power I/O Standards
  • Designed for 1 Year Deployments, 5 Year Life minimum

Autonomous Vertical Profiling Systems (AVPS) are completely independent with self-contained power source, data storage, and/or satellite telemetry capability. The winch mounting system houses the underwater winch (DC electric), controller, power generator and rechargeable batteries. It also serves as ballast for anchoring the entire AVPS, and incorporates an acoustic release and tag line canister for system retrieval. If trawl-resistant housing is required, the bottom assembly may be designed so the entire sensor package and subsurface buoy retract within the envelope of a trawl-resistant enclosure.

In 'surface mode', the AVPS system controller uses wave statistics to determine if the Subsurface Data Buoy should be allowed to surface and transmit data. If average wave height is less than one meter, the winch controller releases the brake allowing the buoy to rise to the surface where it obtains GPS position, then transmits data via satellite for the just completed profile evolution(s). If average wave height is greater than one meter, the collected profile is stored onboard (512 MB memory) and the winch retracts the buoy and sensor platform back to the bottom-moored housing, then cycles into programmed 'sleep mode' until the next scheduled profiling session. All profiles saved due to excessive sea-state are transmitted during the next operating cycle to occur during suitable conditions.

Integral Vertical Profiling System (IVPS) has been designed as a modular component system for 'plug and play' integration with underwater observatories on the coastal/continental shelf, or the deep ocean floor. Many in-situ observatories reside thousands of meters deep. IVPS provides these observatories with the capacity to deploy sensors and obtain continuous profiling data at any depth. The network's shore cable supplies power to the Underwater Profiling Winch, Winch Controller and S4VP-3 Sensor Platform, as well as provides real-time data communication.

In shallow water the IVPS resides in its own bottom-mounted housing. In deeper water, the entire IVPS is installed on a moored Subsurface Buoy Platform, thus the system (incorporating buoy, winch and S4VP-3) resides suspended at the required depth. Any number of sensors may be deployed along the taut mooring as well. The IVPS auto-cycles, obtains profiles, and then sends profile data via electro-mechanical cable to the bottom to interface with the cable network. With power and data link supplied through the network's cable(s), the volume of data and period of operation are virtually limitless.

Click on an image to see an enlarged view and description:

Profiling S4 Data Plot

VPS Operating Modes

Integral VPS Diagram

Autonomous VPS Diagram

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